Which Hunt interests you? Look at the different Big Game Hunts we have to offer below.


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  • Our team is experienced in finding mature bucks.
  • Private Ranches
  • Average Buck
  • Mid 70’s
  • Limited Hunts
  • New Mexico is the hottest place to hunt antelope. Over the last 10 years the record books don’t lie. 505-652-6019 or 505-920-8984
  • 100% Success last 3 years

Mountain Lion

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  • With over 30 years of experience and the rich bloodline of the hounds. Tracking these magnificent animals can be done.
  • How about an exciting hunt for a mountain lion, the “ghost of the Rocky mountains”. What thrill of tracking down a big Tom, releasing the hounds, a race, and finally coming face to face with the biggest cats in North America.


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  • The genetics in these private ranches with limited hunting produce these mature bulls.
  • Hunt BIG BULLS without putting into the DRAW
  • New Mexico is now considered one of the prime places to hunt for a good mature bull. We have plenty of options to choose from. We offer private land owner tag hunts or public draw hunts. Call and reserve your hunt today.